Various ideas, both silly and serious. Comments welcomed.
7 Jun 2008 Concealed USB disk
Stealth flash drives for data smuggling
6 Dec 2007 GPS for distributed power generator synchronization
Using GPS as a timebase to keep power generators across an area in-phase during outages, symplifying outage recovery.
5 Feb 2007 Standby Power Saver
Power saving approach for standby devices
2 Mar 2005 Autolinks for revealing PR campaigns
How to combine a database of front groups and astroturfing organizations with mass media information in near-real time, revealing possible disinformation sources.
13 Feb 2005 DTMF Challenge-Response over telephone
Acoustically coupled device for challenge-response authentication over phone line
26 Nov 2004 IrDA-to-remote converter
A device converting IrDA commands to infrared remote ones
26 Sep 2004 Universal Chip Programmer
How to solve problems with support of various chips by various programmers.
21 Jul 2004 Cheap multispectral imaging
Low-cost thermal/multispectral imaging via mechanical slow-scan TV
15 Jun 2004 Thunderstorm Gun
Lightning-powered electromagnetic pulse gun
15 Jun 2004 EU solder drawbacks
Another of the long chain of Euroidiocies
12 May 2004 Micropower RFID jammer
Very-low power passive/active jammer of passive RFID tags
12 May 2004 Evading detectors of radar detectors
Speculative design proposal of an undetectable radar detector
18 Apr 2004 Distributed UPC/EAN Database
How to design a system for querying all kinds of information from a product using its UPC/EAN code and a set of public databases
14 Feb 2004 Secure One-Time-Pad Storage Device
Storage device for one-time pad data. A chunk of data, after being written in, can then be read only once.
19 Jan 2004 Shipping Encryption Keys
How to ship one time pads and encryption keys by mail in a strongly tamper-resistant way
19 Jan 2004 Defeating keyword scanners with WebFonts
How to use simple substitution cipher together with downloadable WebFonts to work around automatic communication scanners
21 Dec 2003 Denaturated alcohol purifying
How to make denaturated alcohol suitable for human consumption
21 Dec 2003 Ultracheap IR spectrometer
Very cheap infrared spectrometer without monochromator nor expensive optics (speculative proposal) Update: Won't work as proposed.
8 Dec 2003 The real danger of role-playing games
When RPG model becomes realistic enough, it turns into tactical simulation and gaming becomes training.
6 Dec 2003 Broadcast technology convergence
The inevitable convergence of Internet and terrestrial broadcasting technologies, and the consequences.
24 Nov 2003 Filesystem-independent file storage
How to store critical files in the way they can be read back from the disk even if all filesystem metadata are gone
22 Nov 2003 GPG signatures in HTML
GPG signing of parts of HTML documents, and of included images and binary files
9 Nov 2003 Meta-filesystem
Filesystem containing its own driver in bytecode
11 Oct 2003 Small-volume concealed data storage
Little, easy to hide wireless storage and retrieve of an encryption key, based on AT24RF08
11 Aug 2003 Homemade Passive Radar System (GNU/Radar)
Community-based passive radar, deployable by private personnel without links to military
10 Aug 2003 Physical security tricks
Paranoia add-ons for an alarm system when the threat model includes high-profile adversaries like police or "Agencies".
10 Aug 2003 Dedicated Event Logger
Small, battery-operated concealable event logger for post-breach security audit applications (aka detecting black-bag jobs)
Excerpted from Physical Security Tricks
6 Jul 2003 Ultimate CD auditing
Low-level access to data stored on a CD, on the level of pits and lands
19 Jun 2003 Securing data transfers by securing a small shipment against tampering
Shipping data sequentially as two parts - random key and data XORed with random key, sending the other part only when the first one arrived untampered with
8 Apr 2003 Cooking Temperature Sensor
Rugged, wireless small-distance passive temperature sensor
7 Apr 2003 Rogue DNS resolvers
Smaller-scale temporary countermeasure against domains being shut down
6 Apr 2003 Snort/Tripwire for RF spectrum
Permanent scanning of electromagnetic spectrum, detecting bugs and other transmitters
17 Mar 2003 Infrared broadcasting
Local broadcasting using infrared transmitters, sidestepping low-power broadcast regulations
28 Jan 2003 DNA evidence countermeasures?
Possible jamming of DNA tests on biological traces; speculative proposal
30 Jun 2001 Closed-circuit teletext
Inserting teletext to standard video signal, allowing using a common TV as a monitor with text overlaid over live video
3 Jun 2001 Surveillance cameras detectors
Detecting surveillance cameras by characteristical frequencies in their EM spectrum; speculative design proposal
21 Apr 2001 Transparent encrypting email server
POP3/SMTP proxy for securing the transport layer between the sender and the recipient. Now already implemented by eg. GPGrelay.
31 Mar 2001 RAM/ROM drive - tamperproof secure disk encryption boot
IDE-compatible solid-state tamperproof encrypted unit, PIN-protected, limiting number of bruteforcing attempts to get stored key, suitable to boot from. Possibly obsoleted now by more modern designs.
29 Mar 2001 Transporting larger amounts of money
Cash is too bulky to transport bigger amounts of it comfortably. Other media are necessary.