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Shaddack's Power Tools

Projects:  Art - Enameling   Art - fused-glass earrings   Art - Glass and aluminium   Art - glass and copper spider   Art - Tiffany-technique pendants   Uranium glass jewels   Entropy Factory   EthBlink   Geiger on a Plane   Uranium ore prospecting   psf-TrivialFontEdit   Garlic2   Google Earth   HandleForm   100x scope probe   Ammo box computer   ATX bench power adapter   EX-FH25 power supply   Cellphone-friendly gloves mod   COM port switch   Ebook Prestigio Libretto charging cradle   Electric screwdriver power module   Capacitor ESR meter   RF field strength indicator   100 megaohm resistors   Homemade thermal fuse   Hot air blower   IrDA monitor   Isolated AC power supply   Keychain-EtherLoopback   Keychain-microUSB   DC signal level shifter   Lightbulb Limiter   Lighted power cable   Light table   Nokia battery hack   Zero-standby charger   Cellphone power hack   Multidrop IEC power cable   PancakeGeiger Mk1   Nokia E61 casemods   Irish-European phone charger   Cellphone PhoneOn   PowerBrick   Relay Powerstrip   Low-power supply 2kV   Remote RESET   USB Room Light   Model servo controller   Function generator with XR2206   Simple hot plate   Small power supply   MOT spot welder   Cache in a bolt   TDCS unit   Thermochromic breadboard   Thermochromic Power Strip   Water-bath kettle   Triac regulator   Triac Switch   Universal Powerstrip   UV LED lamp 5W   UV germicidal lamp   FH9999 wattmeter mod   IPX over VPN   jig-wireclamp   Keydrivers   Keytops   LRC file indexer   Camera wood screw   Color-coded drill bits   Drill press collet   Drink can halogen lamps   High-visibility tools   Magnetic door lock   MicroSD-card spy bolt   Step drill bit hex shank adapter   Tripod bolt adapter   Repairing a broken vise   MailBug   Repairing resistance wires   Case labels   Connector repairs   Salvaging ferrite cores   Salvaging LCD polarizers   Salvaging lead from batteries   Li-poly overdischarge protection   VU meters reuse   Cheating YouTube region enforcement   Cheaposcope   12V-to-USB charger   Repair and mod of a bathroom light   Modifications of headsets, replaceable cords   Laptop cooling hack   DS1052D oscilloscope fan silencing   DS1052D oscilloscope probe holders   Modifications of a soldering iron   Stereomicroscope modifications      barcode.php   PicoQmail   Repair of an office armchair   Repair of a guitar   Repair of a hairdryer   Repair of kitchen fork   Repair of solar charger   Repairs of a Thinkpad R60   Battery replacement in APC Back-UPS RS800   reveng-CFL   DRSB-01 Geiger Counter review   Mivvy MIDroid Q751   MP4 Watch   Narex drill speed regulator   Nikon S51c   Nokia HS47 handsfree   reveng-headset   Spy Pen   Wintex TD2200   618 TYPE stun gun, reverse-engineered schematics   BR-800TYPE stun gun, reverse-engineered schematics   URL shortener   SMTP ReIdentify   SpkFTest   Tactical shoelaces   TeaCool   Therm   Floppy thumbdrive   Milliohmmeter   UnitCalc   WebDiag   WormBounceID   Xeltek Superpro 280U 
Utilities:  CCF   DTMF   guid   ISO9660shorten   MILspell   queryehlo   sendfile   Shell Scripts   Timebeep   xcd   xcut 
Patches:  aircrack-ng airdecap-ng stdio patch   atd 3.1.8 enhanced mail and atq functionality, attime, symlink hack   Coreutils 5.0 patches   FastForward 0.51 Wildcard Patch   GNU/Barcode raw barcode output   ipop3d last login logger   Linux kernel patches   lsusb 0.73 enhanced short output   Netcat 1.10 Patch   picocom-1.4 CR/LF translate patch   Smarter indexing in Pine   qmail SSL/DH patch, MessageID-randomizer   SpeakFreely sfParanoidPatch   sulogin 2.85 NoRootPassword patch   tcpdump DropRoot, tcpdump ForceLineFlush 
Ideas:  Concealed USB disk   GPS for distributed power generator synchronization   Standby Power Saver   Autolinks for revealing PR campaigns   DTMF Challenge-Response over telephone   IrDA-to-remote converter   Universal Chip Programmer   Cheap multispectral imaging   Thunderstorm Gun   EU solder drawbacks   Micropower RFID jammer   Evading detectors of radar detectors   Distributed UPC/EAN Database   Secure One-Time-Pad Storage Device   Shipping Encryption Keys   Defeating keyword scanners with WebFonts   Denaturated alcohol purifying   Ultracheap IR spectrometer   The real danger of role-playing games   Broadcast technology convergence   Filesystem-independent file storage   GPG signatures in HTML   Meta-filesystem   Small-volume concealed data storage   Homemade Passive Radar System (GNU/Radar)   Physical security tricks   Dedicated Event Logger   Ultimate CD auditing   Securing data transfers by securing a small shipment against tampering   Cooking Temperature Sensor   Rogue DNS resolvers   Snort/Tripwire for RF spectrum   Infrared broadcasting   DNA evidence countermeasures?   Closed-circuit teletext   Surveillance cameras detectors   Transparent encrypting email server   RAM/ROM drive - tamperproof secure disk encryption boot   Transporting larger amounts of money 
Tools:  HTTPS setting check 
Music: filk 
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various pinouts, cables, connectors

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